The Ordinary, Reimagined

Happiness springs upon our day-to-day lives.
Usable water. Clean rivers. Functional trains.
Being able to move forward with everyday life.
This is precisely where, ebasho, our expertise lies.
For example, we quickly restore emergency water outages,
recycle industrial waste instead of discharging into the river,
and melt snow on railways
in order for trains to run on schedule.
We are supporting people and cities
with advanced technology
which can enhance everyday life.


Message from Our President

President and
Representative Director


Ever since its founding in 1948, Ebasho has been
expanding its operations on a nationwide scale while
constantly innovating in new business areas, with the goal of
creating the ideal living environment. We are also striving,
each and every day, to continue to be a company that is
relied upon and contributes to society.

Water and air are indispensable to our lives, but as diversify,
natural disasters on a worldwide scale caused by global
warming have become more frequent, what we used to
think as normal can no longer be counted on. Clean water
and clean rivers. Trains running on time. At Ebasho, moving
forward with determination is part of daily life. Supporting
the continuation of ʻnormalʼ life, each and every day. This is
precisely where our expertise lies.

We, as a comprehensive engineering company
that handles
both water and air, will move ahead
while tackling
environmental issues, and fulfill
our responsibility to society.
Toward that end, all
of our employees will take on a variety of
problems that are faced by society, with a sense
of speed.

Management Philosophy

We aim to be a company that
promotes a positive business cycle
and thoroughly satisfies
all of our
stakeholders (customers,
shareholders, employees, and
the local community).

Our aim is to be a comprehensive engineering
company that brings together the high level of
technical skill and creativity built up over the

We will work to gain trust from customers in a
variety of fields, understand the values of our
customers, and constantly make new proposals
that meet their needs.

Management Policy

  • Strive to constantly raise company quality.
  • Work with speed to win trust from customers.
  • Secure a structure that guarantees
    continuous and sustainable profitability.
  • Become a company in which employees
    can enrich and fulfill their spirits and
    through their work.